My Wooden Airplane
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9/12/2014 - 9/27/2014

Wing Root Fairings

When the wings are attached to the fuselage, there is approximately a 3-inch gap between the wing and the fuselage side. This is to allow access to the wing attach bolts. However, it can't fly like this, so we need some fairings to cover this gap up.

I had several choices available as to the material and method, but I ended up going with fiberglass. This way, the fairing simply slides over the wing root and is attached with screws.

I started by wrapping some poster paper around the wing root. This would be to approximate the thickness of the covering and paint, and to make it easier to remove, later. I then covered the paper with packing tape, and this became my "mold". I then wrapped some 6-inch fiberglass tape around the mold, 4 layers per side. When that had cured, I slid the whole thing (paper and glass) off the wing, and simply peeled the paper away from the fiberglass.

After several hours of trimming, I finally got them to look the way I wanted. Even though the top of the fairing overlaps both the wing and the fuselage by about an inch, it was tricky getting the bottom of the fairing to the correct shape where it contacted the fuselage side. It turns out that the fuselage side is not perfectly flat, even ignoring the windshield fairings! However, it looks like I neglected to take a close-up photo of the fairings in place.

Total Time: 34.0 hrs.