My Wooden Airplane
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9/11/2013 - 9/21/2013

Pitot/Static System

Although I had previously purchased a $200 pitot tube from Dynon because it came with an Angle-Of-Attack sensor, I didn't realize that it needed an additional $100 mounting bracket. (Okay, I found a cheaper one for $50, but still! That's freakin' ridiculous!) Also, I think I would have had a difficult time mounting the static ports in their traditional locations (fuselage side, between the wing and the tail). The reason is because of the fuselage stringer, which will cause the fabric to stick out from the fuselage side, leaving no solid place to attach the static port to. A friend suggested a 1/4-inch tube with the end sealed off, and some small (#60) holes drilled into the side. I found an internet discussion group thread where one of the posters had made his own pitot/static tubes, so I decided to give that a try. I initially tried to make them out of aluminum tubing, but welding aluminum is a real pain! I finally decided to try copper tubing, and I liked the results much better. I reinforced the area of rib number 7 (right behind where it joins the main spar) with 1/8-inch plywood on both sides. This combination pitot/static tube is really flexible, but the wing strut should keep people from accidentally walking into it.

Total Time: 8.0 hrs.