My Wooden Airplane
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2/20/2012 - 2/23/2012

Jury Struts

I couldn't find any reference to the jury struts in the plans. Fortunately, the jury struts I ordered from Carlson Aircraft (the same place I got the main wing struts from) came with instructions. Those instructions said to install the jury struts vertically, but the brackets in the wing were already installed at an angle, so I adapted the instructions to match the plane. The front jury strut was pretty straightforward. The fun part was stuffing the 1 x 1 x 2-1/4 inch block partway down the hollow main strut so that it lined up with the pilot holes I had drilled. The rear jury strut was a pain in the butt, however. The angles for those brackets are pretty complex, and it took me several iterations to get them just right.

Total Time: 13.5 hrs.