My Wooden Airplane
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2/4/2012 - 2/5/2012

Jig Right Wing to Fuselage

Another exciting milestone! The right wing is attached to the fuselage! Okay, not permanently, anyway. Just by the bolt that attaches the forward spar to the windshield frame. The tip is strapped to the garage door frame, holding it in position while I make the brackets and struts. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I could attach one wing at a time and still keep the plane completely within the garage. I was expecting to have to move it in and out every time I wanted to work on it.

Jigging is obviously important, and I took the time to set it up carefully. First I put saw horses under the fuselage and made sure it was perfectly level. Then I hung plumb bobs from the center of the tail post and the center of the firewall, and stretched a string between them. Then I hung plumb bobs from the leading edge of the wing, and stretched a string between them. Then I used a tape measure and the "3-4-5 right triangle rule" (actually 9-12-15, in my case) to make sure the two strings were at right angles to each other. Finally, I moved the wing tip back and forth until the plumb bobs were lined up with the second string, ensuring that it was at 90 degrees to the fuselage centerline. Although probably not necessary at this stage, I also took the time to set the dihedral angle. If the tip is six inches higher than the root, that turns out to be 2 degrees, which is pretty much where I want it.

Total Time: 5.5 hrs.