My Wooden Airplane
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9/28/2010 - 10/8/2010

Wing Skins

I made and installed the wing skins for the right wing. I pretty much followed the same procedure as with the left wing, except that I attached the bottom side first (instead of the top). This definitely helped with the installation of the wing strut attachment brackets. Unfortunately, it still didn't come out as nicely as I'd hoped. I'd be tempted to do it over again, except that I'd probably ruin several ribs getting the current skins off, and I'm not at all confident that I could do a better job of it anyway.

This area is particularly embarrassing. Structurally and aerodynamically I'm sure it's fine, but aesthetically, it sucks. Hopefully, it will be invisible by the time I finish covering and painting it.

One of the things I like about working with wood is the ability to replace damaged pieces easily. Here, I cinched the tie-down straps a little too tightly while forming the wing skins. The trailing edge took some damage, but it was pretty easy to cut it out and replace it.

Total Time: 20.0 hrs.