My Wooden Airplane
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Drag and Anti-Drag System

The drag / anti-drag system for the Maranda is a little unusual. Where most planes use metal wires or cables, and some planes even use wood, the Maranda uses plastic strapping material.
This is the stuff that gets wrapped around heavy boxes for shipping. Unfortunately, I only needed about 100 feet or so, but the smallest roll I could find was 6000 feet long.
Anyone need any plastic strapping material?

Here is a closeup of how I anchored the plastic strapping to the spars. There are two aluminum clamps, stacked on top of each other. The strapping goes underneath the bottom clamp (between the clamp and the spar), then comes up and makes a 180 degree turn and goes back between the two clamps, towards the center of the wing.

Total Time: 5.5 hrs.