My Wooden Airplane
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5/18/2010 - 5/22/2010

More Wing Hardware

Here's the rest of the wing xhardware. Bending the 1/8" front aileron pulley bracket wasn't as easy as it looks! After trying several methods, I ended up clamping it in a vice between two aluminum angle brackets, and pounding on it with a plastic dead-blow hammer. (A wooden mallet probably would have been even better.) 2024-T3 aluminum is pretty tough!

Also, there were some discrepancies on the plans regarding the rear aileron pulley brackets. The distance between the top and bottom mounting holes was supposed to be 66 millimeters, but after bending the brackets and using the specified 1-inch spacer, the holes were more like 80 millimeters apart. I had to use a 5/8-inch spacer to get the holes to line up correctly.

Total Time: 17.0 hrs.