My Wooden Airplane
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2/26/2010 - 3/1/2010

Cut and Glue Spar Webbing

Now that the spar frames were nice and flat, I glued the spar webbing into place.
It went very well! I actually tried something different this time. I mixed the glue up
in plastic cups, just like I normally do. Then I popped them in the microwave for a few seconds to make them flow a little easier. Then I poured the glue into a small plastic ziplock bag, and cut the corner off so that I could squeeze the glue out like I was applying frosting to a cup cake. The first side went perfectly. The second side went almost as smoothly. There were a couple of spots that looked like they were a little light on glue, but I know everything was flat, and I know there was glue in there, so I'm pretty confident it will be ok.

Total Time: 6.5 hrs.