My Wooden Airplane
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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Here we go again. It appears that I'm determined to build two complete airplanes before I'm done. I was examining the rear spars and noticed several gaps between the spar frames and the plywood webbing. It didn't take long to realize that the plywood was straight, but the frames were not. Apparently I was too aggressive with the sander when preparing the frames for gluing to the plywood webbing (and too stingy with the epoxy). Some areas were sanded more than others, which resulted in a slightly scalloped surface. I examined the other spars and noticed the same thing, but not as bad. Still, the only real option is to start all over again. (I thought about trying to find a syringe and inject some epoxy into the gaps, but I figured that any syringe small enough to fit into the gaps would be too small to allow the epoxy to flow.)

Total Time: 0.5 hrs.