My Wooden Airplane
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1/15/2010 - 1/17/2010

Began Rear Spars

I started building the rear spars by attaching the rear spar doublers, the rear spar stiffeners, and the blocks for the wing root and wing strut attachment brackets. It's amazing how much more quickly the rear spars are progressing compared with the main spars!

Here's another interesting tidbit. If you look closely, you can see that the top cap strip
(the one closest to the "fence" and the edge of the work bench) is offset (length-wise)
about 10 inches from the bottom cap strip. The reason for this is because of the scarf joints.
In order to make the cap strips long enough, I had to scarf two shorter pieces together.
While the normal scarf "slope" is 12:1, mine is actually closer to 16:1 or so. However, I didn't want the two scarf joints to be right on top of each other, so I offset the cap strips as much as I could so that the scarf joints wouldn't overlap. I probably went overboard with the scarf slope, though. With a slope of 16:1, they still overlap a little bit, even with the offset.
If I had kept it at 12:1, they probably wouldn't overlap at all.

Total Time: 8.5 hrs.