My Wooden Airplane
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12/19/2009 - 12/27/2009

Front Wing Spar Frames

These are the spar "frames" that make up the front wing spar. There are two per spar,
and there is some 2mm diagonal plywood webbing that goes between them, like a sandwich.

The long strip of wood along the left edge of the workbench is a "fence" to keep things straight while the glue is drying. The Top Cap Strip is immediately adjacent to the fence. Towards the far end of the table, you can sort of see that the Top Cap Strip is reinforced with a Doubler. The pieces connecting the Top and Bottom Cap Strips are called Stiffeners. That's where the wing ribs will eventually be attached. At the roots of the spars (the ends closest to the bottom of the picture) will actually be a block of wood instead of the stiffeners for ribs 1 and 2.

Total Time: 15.0 hrs.