My Wooden Airplane
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8/31/2009 - 9/7/2009

More Wing Ribs, Second Rib Jig

Now that I'm starting to make a stack of long ribs, I thought I'd start making some short ribs. This may seem obvious to some people, but I actually went about this the wrong way at first.
I layed out all of the jigging blocks on the new board, and went ahead and made a rib. Then I got the bright idea to compare them by trying to fit the long rib into the short jig. It almost fit, but not quite. Then it occurred to me. Apply the jigging blocks around the long rib!
That way, I'd be sure that they would match. (At least I only made one bad rib! I could have waited until all 12 short ribs were done before trying to compare them! Oh well.)

Total Time: 18.5 hrs.