My Wooden Airplane
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8/15/2009 - 8/16/2009

Wing Rib Jig

While looking for cap strips to bend, I noticed that I didn't have enough
"long" pieces that were free of defects, so I cut a bunch more.
Now I think I have enough. (As long as I don't break any!)

With that done, I started working on the rib jigs. I had already made a copy of the full-size rib drawings, so I cut them out and glued them to some 3/4 inch plywood boards with 3M "77" spray adhesive. Then I attached several blocks around the perimeter. Finally, I drilled 3/4 inch holes at the intersections to avoid gluing the ribs to the jig. Almost ready to start making ribs!

Update: After building several ribs, I decided that 7/8 inch holes work better at the intersections instead of 3/4.

Total Time: 6.0 hrs.