My Wooden Airplane
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1/25/2011 - 1/28/2011

Fin Attach Blocks, Forward Stab Bracket

Here is how I decided to attach the new forward stabilizer bracing wire bracket.
First, I added upper cap strips to rib #3. (The plans specified that it have lower cap strips only.) Then I added some plywood webbing to the stringers, transforming them into a secondary spar. Then I added some triangular mounting blocks to both sides of the new "spar" where it joins rib #3. Finally, I made a new bracket virtually identical to the rear bracket (it's slightly narrower, because the rib is narrower at the front) and mounted it to the blocks. I'm sure it's a bit overkill, but the designer was worried about putting a forward load on the main fin spar if the forward stabilizer bracing wire was attached to the rear bracket, so the forces might be higher than I expected. Besides, I still think the plane is going to be nose-heavy, which means I'll probably be adding weight to the tail anyway, so it might as well be useful.

When that was done, I cut and glued the remaining fin attach and hinge blocks.

Total Time: 14.5 hrs.