My Wooden Airplane
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2/3/2009 - 2/5/2009

Re-drawing of Fin and Rudder

While measuring and laying out the plans for the Fin and Rudder ribs,
I noticed some discrepancies in the plans. The specified dimensions
would say one thing, but the scale drawing would measure something else.
I discovered that if I built all the ribs to the length specified, they wouldn't fit!

For example, the bottom rib of the fin is specified as being 956mm long, but if I built it that long, it wouldn't reach the leading edge of the fin! It would be 73mm too short! It was either that, or the middle rib would have been 32mm too long! There were other discrepancies, as well, such as with the height of the block between ribs 1 and 2. The plans said it was 150mm high, but it only measured 105mm. So, I decided the only solution was to draw the fin and rudder full-size, and take my measurements from that.

Update: CAUTION!!! For anyone building an AMF-14H Maranda, ignore the fact that the
fin and rudder plans say "Scale 1:5". They are not to scale!!! (There is a note near the bottom
of the page that says "Not To Scale", but there is a symbol next to it that made me think
that only those measurements marked with that symbol would be "not to scale".)

I highly recommend re-drawing the fin and rudder plans full-size, but use the dimensions listed (as opposed to any "measurements" you may take from the "scale" drawing.) In the example above, 150mm is the correct height. If you use 105mm like the plans "measure", your bottom rib will be 2 inches too low, and won't allow sufficient clearance for the stabilizer!

Total Time: 4.0 hrs.