My Wooden Airplane
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8/19/2014 - 8/27/2014

Glare Shield

In order to make this glare shield, I cut out a piece of plastic (left over from the windows) and took it to an upholsterer to cover. He offered to do it for $30 if I used vinyl, or $100 if I used leather. I decided to use leather. I also chose to use 1/2-inch foam padding on the top, and 1/4-inch foam padding on the bottom. Generally, I am pleased with how it came out (I absolutely LOVE that smell!), but it certainly could have come out looking a little better. The front seam is not as straight as I would have expected from a "professional" upholsterer. I actually took it to another upholsterer to see if he could fix it, and he wanted another $100 just for the labor, so I guess I got a good deal after all!

Total Time: 7.0 hrs.