My Wooden Airplane
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9/22/2013 - 9/26/2013


These are the brakes that came with the Matco wheels I bought. The tubing is special, high-pressure (2500 PSI) 3/16-inch "Nyla-Flow" nylon tubing. It is apparently what is recommended for use in Long-Ezes. The fittings are brass "Poly-Flo" fittings. The trick to using this combination of brass fittings and nylon tubing are the little brass sleeves that go inside the tubing, which prevent the fittings from crushing the tubing as they are tightened. The only problem is, even though the pictures on the Aircraft Spruce website imply that the sleeves come with the fittings, they do not. But I was able to make my own sleeves from 1/8 brass tubing available from several places. (I bought mine from Ace Hardware.) According to some posts on an internet discussion group, the preferred way to insert the sleeves into the tubing is to drill out the end of the tube with a #30 drill bit. It's still a tight fit, but it works. It's better than using heat, because the heat might cause the tubing to expand as the sleeve is inserted, and then you'd have a heck of a time getting the end cap on.

I also decide to add a parking brake valve. This one is the Matco PVPV-D. I coiled the tubing between the brake master cylinders and the parking brake valve one turn each to allow the tubing to flex as the rudder pedals move back and forth.

Total Time: 9.0 hrs.