My Wooden Airplane
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Nose Gear Strut

Here is the nose wheel on the strut. I like the placement of the nose wheel here, but unfortunately, it won't work. It's too thin (.049 wall thickness) and flexible, plus the angles are supposed to be bent, not welded. (I think there's too much stress on the upper joint for this strut to be welded.) I tried bending the strut, using heat over a wooden form, but it got all distorted and started flattening out. Either the tubing walls are too thin, or the bend radius is too small (probably both). I'll have to see if I can find a machine shop to bend it for me.

Here is how the plane looked for a BBQ that we had on Labor Day.
It got lots of compliments! Some guests didn't even know that I was
building an airplane in my gargage. They were obviously very surprised!

Total Time: 3.0 hrs.