My Wooden Airplane
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7/18/2011 - 8/27/2011

Nose Gear

Here is what I have done for the nose gear so far. The large piece in the back is referred to in the plans as the "pivot block". It slides onto the nose gear strut and swivels around it. It is preferentially made from aluminum (either from a casting or milled from bar stock), but alternative drawings show how it can be made from steel, which is what I did.

Those gold-colored pieces are bronze bushings. The two in the foreground are spares, in case I screwed up the first two. They had to be machined so that they were a press-fit into both ends of the pivot block. Although it took awhile, I managed to get them machined properly
on the first try on our Chapter President's metal-working lathe.

The long, skinny pieces to the left and right are the forks. They get attached to the pivot block, and of course hold the axle for the nose wheel. Like the pivot block, they are supposed to be made out of aluminum, but unlike the pivot block, there were no alternate drawings to make them out of steel, so I plagarized from an RV-12 nose gear. I still need to add a flange to the top of each fork for some additional rigidity. The plans show them bolted onto the pivot block, but it was suggested that I weld them on in order to save some weight.

Total Time: 14.5 hrs.