My Wooden Airplane
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Install Axles

I received the axles from Matco late yesterday, and it turns out they wouldn't fit the way I had originally intended. If you look closely, that silver-colored plate with the gold-colored bushings is the brake plate. It actually has 8 bolt holes in it (4 of which are occupied in this picture). The axle only has 4 holes (the ones with the bolts, obviously). Those axle holes are all equidistant from each other (1-3/8 inch). When I was planning the axle installation, I had the brake plate (with its 8 holes) in hand, but not the axle itself. I was planning on using a different set of holes that weren't equidistant from each other. (Connecting my planned holes would have produced a rectangle, with the long side oriented horizontally.) This was to allow the bolts to clear the gussets installed in the previous step. However, when I received my axles, I noticed that their holes produced a square when connected, which means the gussets would interfere with the bolts! My solution was to rotate the axle 45 degrees, so that the holes formed a "diamond" instead of a square. I'm not sure if this is an inferior way to do it, but at least one drawing on Matco's website showed the axle oriented this way. I'll have to ask someone to be sure. If not, I don't know what to do, since it won't fit in any other direction!

Incidentally, this is the A3A axle. The A3C axle will also fit my wheels, AND has the holes oriented the way I wanted them, but the holes are 3/8 in diameter instead of 1/4, and I felt that wouldn't have left enough "meat" on the flange I had made.

Of course, once the axles were installed, I just HAD to see what it looked like with wheels on!

Total Time: 3.0 hrs.