My Wooden Airplane
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7/3/2011 - 7/4/2011

Axle Flanges

I was trying to figure out how I was going to make sure that the two axle flanges were aligned properly. I tried a laser leveler, but the line was too faint to see in daylight. I finally decided on the method outlined below. First, make sure the workbench is level. Then prop the gear leg up at the proper angle (45 degrees, in this case). Then use a "bullseye" level to make sure the flange is parallel with the workbench. It still may not be perfect, but at least it should be close enough to fine-tune with shims, if necessary.

I'm not sure if they were required, but my tech counselor suggested adding gussets between the axle flange and the gear legs. He might have been thinking that I would just weld the flange directly to the gear legs, without the horizontal "spool" tube. Adding that horizontal tube actually provides me with two advantages, though. First, it gives me a place to attach the shock strut to. The plans say to attach lugs to the bottom of the vertical gear leg, but since neither of my gear legs are vertical, I needed another solution. And second, now I have a convenient place to jack up the airplane from!

Total Time: 7.5 hrs.