My Wooden Airplane
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Last Entry - 7/16/2014 - Tail Braces

Total Component Time: 748.0 hrs.

Draw Fuselage SideSide Stringers
Make Fuselage SideSide Stringers
Make Other Fuselage Side, Nose PiecesFloor Supports
Fuselage GussetsNose Gear Block
Sand Right Fuselage SideBottom Gussets and Stringers
Finish Left Fuselage SideShock Strut Mount
Bulkhead BowsFuselage Floor
Firewall FrameLanding Gear Brackets
Firewall PlywoodSeats
Instrument Panel FrameSeats
Station 2 - BottomSeats
Station 3 - Rear of CabinNose Gear Brackets
Fuselage BulkheadsBottom Access Hatch
Windshield Frame PiecesTop Cowl Support
Firewall Corner BlocksFuel Tank, Part 1
Windshield FrameFuel Tank, Part 2
Windshield FrameInstall Fuel Tank
Windshield FrameFolding Seats
Tig CartFuel Tank, Part 3
More Firewall BlocksFuel System
Weld Windshield FrameThrottle and Mixture, Part 1
Varnish Frame HolesBattery
Assemble FuselageBottom Motor Mount Holes
Mount FinFront Fuselage Sides
Mount StabFirewall
Stab FairingBoot Cowl
Roof StringersBaggage Compartment
Roof StringersDoors
Roof PlywoodSide Windows
Top Fuselage StringerTail Braces