My Wooden Airplane
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10/12/2014 - 10/26/2014

Move Battery

One of the other discrepancies coming out of the pre-cover inspection was the fact that the plane was nose-heavy. (Actually, it was just plain HEAVY, but I'll address that issue in another post.) I originally calculated that I could offset the nose-heavyness with a 15-pound ballast in the tail, but then I realized that the battery weighs about 15 pounds, so I decided to move the battery from just inside the firewall to the tail, just beneath the horizontal stabilizer. I had to add some reinforcements to the "home plate" area in order to mount the battery "cage". I also decided to make an access panel on the very bottom of the fuselage (between "home plate" and the tail post) in order to access the battery in the future. Unfotunately, relocating the battery forced me to add 8 pounds of heavy (#2 guage) extension cables.

Total Time: 18.0 hrs.