My Wooden Airplane
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8/3/2014 - 8/9/2014

Cabin Vents

I got these NACA scoops from Van's Aircraft. They were only about $6 each (instead of the $30 that Aircraft Spruce charges). They appear to be some sort of plastic (or nylon), as opposed to fiberglass. I scuffed up the edges, then epoxied them to the inside of the fuselage. They were supposed to come with templates for cutting out the holes, but it was pretty easy to make my own from poster board. I cut out the holes first, then epoxied the scoops in place behind the holes. I used a combination of epoxies. I used a couple of dabs of 5-minute epoxy just to hold it in place while the good stuff (T-88) cured overnight. I then used some "dry micro" (micro-balloons in epoxy resin) to fair the edges.

While I was at it, I decided to upgrade the vents in the panel. The original ones were cheap, but they were hard to move, and I'd heard stories about them not shutting off properly. These are quite a bit more expensive, but still the cheapest aluminum ones I could find. They actually work more like the ones found in airliners. What surprised me was that the vents (both the old plastic ones as well as the new aluminum ones) weren't designed to have the ducting connected directly to them. We are supposed to use 2-inch aluminum flanges behind the panel which the vents sit in, and then the ducting connects to those. (I'd have taken a picture, but it's really hard to see. If I ever have the opportunity to remove the panel again, I'll try to remember to take a picture of how the vents and flanges go together.)

Total Time: 11.0 hrs.