My Wooden Airplane
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5/9/2014 - 6/24/2014

Side Windows

The side windows came out alright. They're actually kind of heavy though (3 pounds each).
I realized as I was finishing them that I could have made them lighter by eliminating the
inner strip that holds the plexiglass. This would have required me to drill some holes in the plexiglass, but that wouldn't have been a big deal. Also, the frame wouldn't have been so wide, blocking out quite as much sky.

I made these handles out of mild steel.
They just rotate around a bolt that is glued in from the outside.

I was really hoping to fashion some kind of spring to keep the windows open. It turns out that any spring that would fit along the upper hinge pin wouldn't be strong enough, and any spring strong enough to keep the window open wouldn't fit in the hinge pin. Also, all of the gas struts that I looked at seemed to be too strong, so I'll just use these "prop rods" for now.

After installing the windows in the doors, I realized that I had to lower the rear fuselage windows by about an inch in order to make sure they lined up.

Total Time: 62.0 hrs.