My Wooden Airplane
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10/22/2013 - 10/25/2013

Baggage Compartment

I was dreading the next set of tasks related to installing the engine cowl, so I found something else to work on. I made this wall for the rear of the baggage compartment out of 1/8-inch plywood. Since the wall is technically only "half-height", I may end up covering the upper half with canvas or something, just to keep things from falling back into the rear of the fuselage.

I also made a "tunnel" for the control cables to pass through. The "tunnel" is made from 1/4-inch plywood, because I didn't want heavy suitcases to crush it. I used 3/4-inch Fir pieces to hold the tunnel together, as well as to keep it in place on the baggage compartment floor. The forward end tucks into the "hole" in the center of the fuel tank, and the aft end is screwed to an aluminum bracket attached to the bottom of the rear wall.

Total Time: 10.0 hrs.