My Wooden Airplane
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12/27/2013 - 2/11/2013

Folding Seats

While installing the fuel tank, I discovered that access to the baggage compartment
is extremely difficult with the seats installed. So, I decided to make them fold (or, more accurately, tilt) forward. I welded some 1/4 inch solid rod to the front of the seat frames,
and made some hinge blocks from 3/4 Delrin material.

Then I made some brackets from 1/8 aluminum angle, and drilled 1/4 inch holes through them (and the seat frames) to hold some locking pins.

The Delrin produces smooth, self-lubricating hinges.

And now I have relatively good access to the baggage compartment without removing the seats! The only down side to this design is that I have to reach behind the seats to remove the locking pins, which is kind of awkward, but it certainly beats the alternative!

Total Time: 14.0 hrs.