My Wooden Airplane
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1/22/2013 - 1/30/2013

Install Fuel Tank

When setting the tank down inside the fuselage, I noticed that the bottom bowed up a little bit at the center (about 1/8 inch). I'm not sure how that could have happened, since it was assembled on a flat workbench, but I decided it wasn't necessarily a bad thing. It would serve to allow any contaminants to roll "downhill" towards the drains at each corner. The problem is, I need the tank to be supported along its entire length (or risk causing a stress crack and a fuel leak), so I used some plywood shims to fill the gaps.

I then decided to cover the shims with a piece of rubber mat (the stuff used to line the drawers of those expensive rolling tool cabinets). This would provide a nice cushion for the tank to rest on, as well as prevent it from sliding around. (The fittings for the drains also protrude into the holes cut into the floor, which also prevents the tank from sliding around.)

Finally, I used some ratcheting tie-down straps to hold it securely to the floor.
I don't think it's going anywhere.

I then made a remote filler neck and vent tube and bolted them to the fuselage side.
(Obviously, those hoses will be clamped once the installation has been finalized.)

Total Time: 11.5 hrs.