My Wooden Airplane
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3/4/2012 - 3/5/2012

Top Cowl Support

Climbing in and out of the fuselage to install the wing root attachment brackets
and their associated support blocks, I got concerned that the instrument panel was
kind of flimsy and not very well supported, so I added the top cowl support piece.
I'm holding off on installing the actual top cowl, because I'm still not sure where the
fuel tank is going to go. Also, installing the avionics will be much easier with the top cowl off. The support piece is probably a bit thicker than what is specified in the plans, but since I
had to notch it to fit around the windshield frame, I wanted the extra support. Besides,
this might make a good place to mount a rear support bracket for the radio stack.

Total Time: 2.0 hrs.