My Wooden Airplane
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6/25/2011 - 7/2/2011


Looking through the Tony Bingelis books, he mentions converting broken aluminum lawn chairs into aircraft seats. That got me thinking. So I went down to Aircraft Interiors section of the local WalMart, and they had these lawn chairs. They felt comfortable. They looked modifiable. So I brought them home to try them out.

I started cutting down the legs to get the proper height, then made a new frame with the new dimensions. The new frame gets rid of the arm rests and provides a way to mount the seats to the floor. The best part? They only weigh 10 pounds each, and they're already upholstered!

They might not be what ends up flying, but the good part is that they are not part of the aircraft structure at all. They can be removed and replaced at any time. So, I think I will stick with these for the time being, and move forward with mounting the controls.

Total Time: 13.5 hrs.