My Wooden Airplane
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6/4/2011 - 6/14/2011


These seats are taking way longer than I anticipated! They look extremely simple, but for some reason, I've got over 16 hours into them so far, and they're only half-way done!

I've raised the bottom section by about 5 inches. The plans show it being only about 2 inches off the floor, but that would put my head in the middle of the side window, and my line of sight just above the instrument panel. Raising it this much puts the top of my head even with the top of the side window, vastly improving my line of sight. And I still have at least 7 inches of head room left! (Admittedly, I'm not especially tall. I'm only 5' 10".)

The back of the seat folds forward allowing access to the baggage area.
There is also going to be a map pocket built into the back of each seat.

Total Time: 16.5 hrs.