My Wooden Airplane
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5/20/2011 - 5/23/2011

Bottom Gussets and Stringers

Bolstered by my recent success with the side stringers, after applying the bottom gussets
I decided to take artisic license with the bottom stringers. The plans have the baggage compartment floor supports in the shape of a "V", with the single bottom stringer starting from the apex of the "V" and continuing back to the tail post. Since I made my baggage compartment floor supports different from the plans, I didn't have a convenient starting point for a single bottom stringer. So, I decided to make 2 stringers. And, rather than stopping at station 3 as per the plans, my stringers go all the way from the tail post to the firewall.
This means that the bottom of the fuselage will not look so flat and boxy.

Total Time: 9.5 hrs.