My Wooden Airplane
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5/9/2011 - 5/11/2011

Side Stringers

Well, after staring at those side stringers for half a day, I decided I didn't like them, so I took them off. While that improved things (in my opinion), I still felt that it needed stringers, so after playing around with a few ideas, this is what I came up with. The stringers start in the same place, in the middle of the tail post (vertically), but as they come forward, they stay parallel with the direction of flight, instead of staying in the center of the verticals. This means that instead of ending at the bottom rear corner of the door, they end at the bottom of the rear window, which provides great continuity, and will probably serve as the basis for a stripe when it comes time to paint it. I attached them the same way as before, but I used 1/2 inch square stringers this time. The reason why the tail feathers are installed is because I had to make it look pretty for the EAA meeting that was being held at our house tonight.

Total Time: 6.0 hrs.