My Wooden Airplane
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4/20/2011 - 4/22/2011

Mount Stab

Mounting the stabilizer turned out to be easier than I thought it would be. I drilled the holes in the stab first. I started with a 1/8 inch bit, then went to 3/16, and finished with 1/4. I used extra long (12 inch) bits, so after each hole was drilled I checked it for plumb. If any hole was off, I'd correct it before moving up to the next drill size. I ended up with 4 perfectly plumb holes. The rest was easy. After gluing the stabilizer mounting blocks, I placed the stabilizer on the blocks so that the trailing edge was centered exactly on the fuselage centerline. Then, using that as a "pivot point", I adjusted the leading edge so that the distance between the tips and the wing spar mounting points were identical on both sides. Then it was a simple matter of using the stabilizer holes as guides for drilling the holes in the mounting blocks.

I know I mentioned it earlier in the Stab section, but I should probably mention it here again. While the front of the stab is mounted per the plans, I changed the way the rear of the stab is mounted. The plans show only one attachment point for the rear of the stab (in the center, with the elevator horn offset to one side). I decided I liked the idea of 4 mounting points (2 in the front, 2 in the back, with the elevator horn centered). It may not make that much of a difference in the long run, but I certainly feel better about it.

Finally, I had to sand the gusset strip slightly on the Fin in order for the elevator to clear.

Total Time: 5.5 hrs.