My Wooden Airplane
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3/8/2011 - 3/11/2011

Tig Cart

I decided if I'm going to learn how to TIG weld, I might as well buy a TIG welder. They're not exactly cheap, but this one ended up being a good deal. So what's a person to do when he gets a new TIG welder and wants to try out his TIG welding skills? He builds a cart for it! This one took me two tries to get right. (I forgot to account for the handles on the first try.)
It looks like the old adage "measure twice, cut once" applies to metal as well as wood!

This is a Miller Diversion 165. It was intended for the home hobbyist just starting out in TIG welding. It's 220V AC/DC, 10-165 amps, with HF start. (I had to wire up an extension cord
in order to be able to plug it into the dryer outlet.) It doesn't come with a foot pedal,
but it does have a port to plug one in. After playing with it for awhile, I decided that the
finger control on the torch was too awkward to manipulate with gloves on, so I orded a
foot pedal for it. I still don't feel my welding skills are up to "aircraft standards" yet,
so I will need to practice some more once the foot pedal arrives.

Total Time: 18.0 hrs.