My Wooden Airplane
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1/8/2011 - 1/13/2011

Fuselage Bulkheads

Here are all of the fuselage bulkheads, now sheeted with plywood.
(Notice also the tail post!)

You may also notice what looks like an extra Station 2 (Bottom) piece. Let me see if I can explain that. The instructions for converting to tricycle gear say to flip the main gear legs around (putting the left one on the right side, and vise-versa). However when looking at the plans, I noticed that this may end up putting the main wheels too far aft. I suspect that I will have to shorten the front of each gear leg to get the main wheels to line up directly beneath the 50% chord point. Not too much of a problem, except that the shock struts (now supposedly mounted to Station 3) will also have to be bent forward, and I don't like that idea too much. I'd prefer that the shock struts be perpendicular to the ground, more in line with the direction they will be stretching. So, in order to accomplish this, I'll need another mounting point for the shock struts, located somewhere between Station 2 and Station 3. (I'll call it Station 2.5.) I may end up not using it, but I built it (and will probably install it) just in case.

The next logical step would be to start assembling the fuselage, but before I do that, I want to re-make the vertical fin. When I first made the vertical fin, there were some discrepancies with the plans, and I had to choose between two contradictory configurations. Unfortunately, I chose the wrong configuration. However, now that I have the fuselage sides made, I will be able to know with certainty what the correct dimensions should be. But, once I start assembling the fuselage, there won't be any room on the workbench to build the vertical fin,
so that's why I'm diverting at this point.

Total Time: 12.5 hrs.