My Wooden Airplane
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12/31/2010 - 1/7/2011

Station 3 - Rear of Cabin

This is the frame for Station 3, the rear of the cabin. (It's just temporarily clamped in place between the fuselage sides for now.) The middle of the bottom section is a bit beefier than the plans originally specified. The reason is due to the location of the shock strut attachment brackets. When converting to tricycle gear, not only are the gear legs reversed from the standard layout, but it also looks like I have the option of connecting the shock struts directly to the bottom center of Bulkhead #3 instead of a "cabane" that is attached to the edges. Bulkhead #2 already has these reinforcement blocks (per the plans), so I decided
to implement them in Bulkhead #3, as well.

Total Time: 10.0 hrs.