My Wooden Airplane
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11/14/2010 - 11/22/2010

Sand Right Fuselage Side

I'm pretty sure this is NOT how the plans intended for this to be done. The nose ply is definitely supposed to be scarfed to the rest of the fuselage. However, there were a couple of factors that complicated matters. First, the nose piece is at an angle to the rest of the fuselage. Second, the nose ply is thicker (2.0 mm) than the fuselage ply (1.5 mm). The end result is that I didn't like how the scarf joint came out. Not only did it look terrible (and I forgot to take a picture), but I think I might have removed too much material while sanding the joint smooth.

Also, the plans specify this 2 mm piece of ply on the outside of the front pillar (presumably for mounting the windshield). But the plans don't show any details on how this area is supposed to look from the outside (such as what gets overlapped, what gets scarfed smooth, etc.).

What I ended up doing is continuing the 2 mm ply from the pillar all the way down to the bottom, covering (and reinforcing) the scarf joint between the nose piece and the rest of the fuselage. I'm still not overjoyed at how this came out, but it sure is a lot better than it was. Perhaps I can add some filler and smooth this out later.

Total Time: 10.5 hrs.