My Wooden Airplane
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11/2/2010 - 11/8/2010

Make Other Fuselage Side, Nose Pieces

As expected, the other side took much less time than the first one. Also, as mentioned on the first fuselage page, the plans specify that the nose section be built separately from the rest of the fuselage. I'm pretty sure they want me to build the entire fuselage, followed by the entire nose section, and glue the two pieces together. However, I was thinking that if I did that, I would be missing a great opportunity to gusset the inside of the joint between the fuselage and the nose section. So, I decided to glue them together now, rather than waiting until both sections were completed independently.

Interestingly, rather than bending the fuselage between Station 1 (firewall) and Station 2 (instrument panel), the plans specify to glue the nose section at a slight angle inward. This allows the fuselage sides to be straight and parallel between Station 2 and Station 3 (rear of passenger compartment), which simplifies the door (and wing) installation.

In this picture, I've propped both fuselage sides up approximately the correct distance apart. You can sort of see how the nose section is angled inward slightly to meet the firewall.

Total Time: 16.0 hrs.