My Wooden Airplane
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4/27/2016 - 4/30/2016


The tail is now attached permanently. I learned that I should have taken more careful notes when disassembling the airplane a year and a half ago. I had to un-do a lot of work because I did it in the wrong order. Also, while installing and testing the electric trim, I somehow broke the LED trim position indicator. I'll have to remove it from the panel and examine it in more detail later.

Update: I took the indicator apart and saw that it was incredibly simple inside. I can't believe they actually get almost $100 for these things! Anyway, I ended up replacing the LM3914 controller chip for about $3, which fixed the problem. While I was at it, I also replaced the LED bar graph with an amber one (instead of the stock green one) for another $3. Now it matches the rest of the panel!

Total Time: 15.0 hrs.