My Wooden Airplane
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7/28/2014 - 9/7/2014

Filler Plates

This is one of those "little" projects that was on the list of stuff to accomplish before the pre-cover inspection. When you cut out the holes in the spinner for the prop, you have to fill in the back side of those holes for less drag and proper airflow. The instructions that came with the spinner (from Van's Aircraft) say to use .063 aluminum, but it was surprisingly hard to bend such a short piece to the right radius to match the spinner. Also the spinner has complex curves to it (it curves front-to-back, as well as around the perimeter), so I ended up using some micro filler to make the surface shape match that of the spinner. I guess it just serves as yet another example of how something is rarely as easy as it first seems.

Total Time: 9.5 hrs.