My Wooden Airplane
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4/11/2014 - 4/17/2014

Oil Cooler, Part 4

If you remember the oil cooler shroud I made back in January, my plan was to connect the NACA scoop to the shroud with some 3" SCAT tubing. Unfortunatly, the diameter of the flanges of both molds were exactly 3 inches, which means the diameter of the actual parts were more like 3-1/16", which means the 3" SCAT tube won't fit. However, my friend Roger had a suggestion to build another plenum that is permanently attached to the NACA scoop and just presses up against the oil cooler. The beauty of that plan was that I could make the plenum flange big enough to fit over the NACA scoop flange. In this picture, the plenum isn't permanently attached yet, but I think some epoxy should do the trick!

Total Time: 11.5 hrs.