My Wooden Airplane
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12/31/2013 - 2/1/2014

Heat Muffs

Here is how I made my heat muffs. (There are actually two, one for carb heat and the other for cabin heat. They are virtually identical, each one mounted to its own exhaust stack.) I bent a piece of 9 x 10 x .025 aluminum to form a square "tube" that is 2.5 inches per side, and joined the two edges together with some piano hinge. I then bent some 1/2 x 2.5 x .018 stainless steel strips into sort of a "Z" shape and rivited them to the ends of the tube (effectively reducing the diameter of the tube from 2.5 inches down to 1.5 inches). I then cut some .040 aluminum "end caps" and screwed them to the flat parts of the stainless strips with sheet metal screws and "U-shaped" speed nuts. Then I just cut some holes in the sides and riveted some aluminum flanges for the SCEET tubing. The muffs themselves are attached to the exhaust stacks with stainless steel hose clamps.

Total Time: 15.5 hrs.