My Wooden Airplane
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12/11/2013 - 12/16/2013

Air Filter, Part 1

Here is my first attempt at making an air filter housing. I made it by carving the shape I wanted out of styrofoam, then covered it with fiberglass. When the fiberglass cured, I dug out the styrofoam. I say "first attempt" because it's actually not usable in its present form. It turns out that I severely over-estimated the flexibility of SCEET tubing. While the assembly seen here does physically fit between the bottom of the engine and the bottom of the cowl, I couldn't get the SCEET tubing to bend tightly enough to connect the back of the air box with the flange on the bottom of the carburetor.

By the way, the air filter itself is a K&N unit designed to fit into a 2010 Toyota Prius.

Total Time: 10.0 hrs.