My Wooden Airplane
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10/26/2013 - 11/19/2013

Resize Cowl Inlets

Well, no use putting it off any longer. Time to get back to work on the cowl. The first task is to make the cowl inlets a little bit smaller. Besides looking too big, the old inlets were about 35 square inches each. According to research by William Wynne, I technically only need about 25 square inches each. These new openings are about 28 square inches each.

I started by cutting out the old holes and gluing some styrofoam in their place. Then I shaped and filled the foam until I got as close as I could. Next, I covered the entire nose with three pieces of 8.5 oz BID fiberglass. When that hardened, I turned the cowl over, dug out the foam, and put three more layers on the inside. After a few more rounds of filling and sanding, I decided they were close enough.

(You can compare them with these pictures to see the size difference.)

Total Time: 24.5 hrs.