My Wooden Airplane
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EGT Sensors

These EGT sensors were a little strange. They are Type-K thermocouples, and the traditional color code for the wires is yellow (+) and red (-). Unfortunately, these sensors had black and red wires. In order to figure out which wires were which, I used a magnet. It turns out that the red wire was NOT magnetic, so it got connected to the place where the yellow wire would normally go (i.e. positive). The black wire WAS magnetic, and therefore would connect to the place that the red wire would normally go (i.e. negative). Like I said, strange. These sensors are made by Falcon, and are certainly NOT the most expensive / highest quality available, so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was. I mounted them so that they faced inward, to keep the wires out of the way, since there seemed to be plenty of room.

Total Time: 2.5 hrs.