My Wooden Airplane
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9/9/2012 - 9/16/2012

Cowling, Part 4

After the plaster comes fiberglass. Tony Bingelis' book recommends at least 4 layers of 6-ounce cloth. I used 2 layers of 9-ounce cloth (because that's what I had) sandwiched between 3 layers of 4-ounce cloth. I actually had to do this in 2 stages, since the first 3 layers took almost 10 hours, and I was dead tired. So, rather than getting a good chemical bond between the first stage and second stage, I had to sand down the entire first stage so that I could get a good mechanical bond. Not ideal, but it will have to do. The next step is sanding and filling.

Total Time: 21.5 hrs.