My Wooden Airplane
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6/7/2012 - 6/21/2012

Spinner, Part 1

This is a Van's FP-13 spinner. It is the one recommended in William Wynne's conversion manual. However, when you order it, you need to specify an SAE-1 prop bolt pattern, otherwise you'll get a backplate with holes drilled for an SAE-2 prop bolt pattern. Even still, the center hole in the backplate was just a tiny bit (0.010) undersized. Once that hole was opened up, my "tech counselor" Roger helped me bore the six prop bolt holes using his mill and rotary table. Then we did the same thing to the front bulkhead. The inside of the spinner then had to be sanded so that it fit snugly over the backplate and front bulkhead.
It is held in place by friction only in these pictures.

Total Time: 8.0 hrs.