My Wooden Airplane
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3/6/2011 - 3/7/2011

Motor Mount Diagonals

And here it is with the diagonals added. There is supposed to be a seventh diagonal from the bottom right corner of the firewall to the left rear corner of the engine mount tray, but I still need to see how/where I'm going to permanently attach the nose wheel brackets, as well as the routing of the intake and exhaust manifolds, so I don't know what's going to be in the way of what. My plan (at the moment) is to mount the engine and get everything hooked up and in its final location. Then, I'll figure out how I'm going to attach the nose wheel brackets. Once they're attached, I'll test the mount to see if it still needs that 7th diagonal piece, and if so, how/where it will be attached. Oh, and everything is still tack welded at this point.

Total Time: 6.0 hrs.