My Wooden Airplane
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5/28/2009 - 5/31/2009

Elevator Hinges

I had no idea that making and installing hinges could be such a time-consuming process.
This is one of those tasks that you spend a lot of time on, but have little to show for it.

The image below shows how I had to fill in some holes that were drilled in the wrong position.
I drilled the holes out even larger, then plugged them with a dowel made of Douglas Fir,
which allowed me to re-drill the holes in the proper position.

Since I had no instructions, I had to figure out a way to make sure the hinges lined up properly. I started by attaching the Delrin blocks to the elevator...

...then attached the hinge blocks shown at the top of the page, and lowered the whole assembly onto the stabilizer. Once everything was positioned correctly, I traced around the hinge blocks where they contacted the stabilizer, which allowed me to glue them in their proper location. It actually worked out better than relying solely on taking measurements.

Total Time: 13.0 hrs.